Insider HR Advice: How to Navigate the Business World

People want to know, can an HR Insider really give good advice? Well, read on, since I work in HR (Human Resources) and I’ve got lots of advice to give, you be the judge if it’s good or not. I’l share my tips on How to Navigate the Business World.

Insider HR Advice- How to Navigate the Business World_Hero

As the big brother of this group of know-it-alls  I must confess that I was (am) guilty of many of the typical bad behaviors that come with that title.  Whether you are the oldest or youngest or in between, if you have siblings you probably know what that means.  The tormenting, bossing, teasing, water-boarding (ok, not the last one, but the worst tortures could only be thought up by big brothers, right?).  Mine was all non-physical mental manipulation and in retrospect I’d like claim it strengthened my brothers and sisters and help make them the successful people they are today (though their therapists may disagree). So, naturally this led me to a career in Human Resources in Corporate America.

Sometimes  the performance reviews mandated by HR that are meant to strengthen employees may feel more humiliating than the time your big brother made you lick the bottom of his shoe to join him at the mall.   Other times the bureaucratic HR policies may make you feel like the time you snapped and chased your brother with steak knife to stop the “teasing chant” that began when you were toddler and lasted through puberty.  If you are lucky you avoided the corporate version of your big brother and are a better ER doctor for those experiences today (right Russ?)

Seriously, I don’t really think HR programs and procedures are meant to test your emotional limits and if done well, they do serve a purpose.  The problem is that I think it is hit and miss on how well things work and it varies not just from company to company, but also from manager to manager.  The challenge is learning how to navigate this environment and really know what to expect.  So what do “people want to know” from an HR insider?  I’m going to approach most of posts as unfiltered advice (or as unfiltered as someone who chose to work in HR can give) that I would give to a friend or child who is navigating work expectations.

Such topics may include:

  • How can I get a raise or promotion?
  • What should I expect from employer to develop my career?
  • How long should I stay in a position?
  • What’s the best career advice you ever got?
  • Is graduate school really worth it? What about an online MBA?
  • What can I do I do about a problem boss or co-worker?
  • How can I know if I’m paid fairly? Can I trust salary information that I find online?
  • Do online job applications work? How can I get my resume to stand out?
  • How can I have a great job interview?
  • I don’t like my job, now what?
  • How can I break into a new field or career?

That’s just a sample of the questions I’ve been asked (or unsolicited advice I’ve given) over the years.  Let me know what you’d like to hear about most.  Share with me your success and horror stories.   My guess is comments to these topics will have great stories that will be stranger than fiction.  I’ve got some that couldn’t be made up if I tried.

You can look forward to these posts and likely my snarky comments on my siblings’ posts.  Yes, I still tease them…I may have a problem.

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